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Exploratory Animal and Medical Research considers only original articles submitted exclusively to the journal. Prior and duplicate publications are not allowed. Publication of abstract/s at conference proceedings will not be considered as prior publication. It is the duty of the authors to inform the editor about all submissions that might be regarded as prior or duplicate publication during submission of manuscript.

Manuscripts for publication will be considered on their individual merits. All manuscripts will be subjected to peer review. As it is a double blind per reviewed journal, so in no case identity of the reviewers can be disclosed to the authors of published or rejected articles. The reviewers are sent the articles in MS WORD after deleting all such information related with the identity of the author/s. Normally manuscripts will be sent to at least two reviewers and their comments along with the editorial board’s decision/ comments will be forwarded to the authors for further action.

Authors must be careful when they reproduce text, illustrations or tables from other sources. Any sorts of plagiarism will be viewed seriously. All accepted papers are subject to editorial changes. Editorial Board reserves the right to cancel any article at any stage if any sort of violation of publication ethics is found.


For Editors:

The Chief Editor, Associate Editor and the Editorial Board Members do not discriminate any article on the ground of gender, sex, religious or political beliefs or ethnic origin of its authors. All the articles are considered and accepted basing only on the academic merit. In case of any raised complaint, the author/s will be informed and the whole matter will be investigated at unbiased basis and appropriate steps will be taken.

For Reviewers:

As the journal is double blind peer review type, so all the correspondence between Editorial Board and the Reviewers regarding evaluation of the articles (both selected and rejected articles) should be confidential. No copy should be retained by the reviewers and the manuscripts should be reviewed only with academic analysis in a timely manner. Similarity with any published article/s, plagiarism, ethical permission for animal/ human experimentation, potential conflict of interest and any other related information should be brought to the notice of the Editor, if identified.

For Authors:

All the records related with the data associated with the submitted manuscript should be kept ready and part of these should be supplied to the editor on reasonable request. These may be preserved in a repository of the funding agency or other interested agencies for further use.

The author/s should be confirmed that the submitted manuscript is not under consideration or accepted for publication elsewhere. If any portion/s of the content of the submitted article overlaps with published or submitted content, it should be properly cited and acknowledged. It is better to provide the editor with a copy of any submitted manuscript that might contain overlapping or closely related content. The author should be confirmed that all the works stated in the submitted manuscript is original and all reproduced portions are properly cited and acknowledged. Permission for such reproduction, if needed, should be taken before submission of the article and signing of the declaration form.

The journal publishes articles having experimentation on human and animals. So, it insists on ethical practices in both human and animal experiments. Evidence for approval by a local Ethical Committee must be supplied by the authors on demand. Animal experimental procedures should be as humane as possible and the details of anesthetics and analgesics used should be clearly stated. The ethical standards of experiments must be in accordance with the guidelines provided by the ICMR (human) and CPCSEA (animal) in India. Same type of permission should be taken from the concerned authorities of the concerned countries by the authors.

The journal will not consider any paper which is ethically unacceptable. A statement on ethics committee permission must be included in all articles with human or animal experimentation under the ‘Materials and Methods’ section.

Conflicts of interest, if any, should be declared by the author/s during submission of article. It is the duty of the author/s to notify promptly the journal authority if any significant error is identified after publication of their article. The author/s has to cooperate with the editor to publish an erratum, addendum or corrigendum notice, or to retract the paper, where this is deemed necessary.


The authors are advised to download PDF any article from the current issue of the journal and prepare the manuscript accordingly. No article can be accepted if not prepared and submitted as per journal style. It should be submitted in MS Word Document at Times New Roman Script at 12 front size.

Submission of an article is understood to imply that

i. Permission of institutional/Governmental/other appropriate ethical committee/bio-safety committee/ body etc. are taken for study on animal or human being.

ii. All the financial and personal relationships with other people or organizations related with the study is properly acknowledged and disclosed.

iii. All the authors have approved the paper for release and are in agreement with its content.

iv. All articles are free from any sorts of conflict of interest of any person or organization.

v. The article is only submitted to Exploratory Animal and Medical Research for possible publication.

Authors have to follow the style of the journal during preparation of manuscript. One sample article is attached for that purpose.


Review Process

The journal follows a double blind peer review process. The decision of the Editorial Board about acceptance or rejection is final and no correspondence will be entertained regarding the subject. The Editorial Board keeps the right to reject any article at any stage of the review process, even after acceptance without assigning any reason.

Plagiarism policy

Exploratory Animal and Medical Research consider all the researchers want to submit article as honest enough to show due respect to the previous workers and to cite their works properly during writing of the article. However, if any violation in the plagiarism rule is found, the article will be rejected at any state, even after acceptance and the authors will be blacklisted.


It is mandatory to furnish following certificate at the time of submission of manuscript for publication:

This is to certify that the reported work in the paper entitled "…………………… …………….” submitted for publication in EXPLORATORY ANIMAL AND MEDICAL RESEARCH is an original one and has not been published / submitted to any Journal. I / We further certify that proper citation to the previously reported work has been given and no data / tables / figures have been quoted from other publications without giving proper acknowledgement. The consent of all the concerned authority is also taken.

Signature with full name, address and e- mail of the authors.

The PDF copy of the signed document is to be submitted along with submission of manuscript.

The authors have to submit articles and declaration through the E-mail - journaleamr@gmail.com.

Copy of the published article

As the journal is displayed in our free, open access website, no hard copy is sent to the author of the published article. However, information regarding publication will be sent to the corresponding author through e-mail so that the PDF of the article can be downloaded. If the author/authors want to get print copy, they have to pay accordingly.

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